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Leaving Los Angeles

San Diego top destination for homebuyers relocating from Los Angeles according to Redfin data.

In the pre-pandemic world, Los Angeles was often seen as a beacon of wealth and prestige. But when the pandemic hit and remote working became commonplace, crime spikes and quality of life became harder to ignore. Many are setting out in search of something new.

A Little Closer to Home

Not too long ago, jet-setting around the globe to market some of LA’s most luxurious and expensive homes was part of the job for my international real estate venture Caimeiju. I’d connect celebrity agents with ultra-wealthy clients from China and all over who were looking at a hefty price tag for these multi million dollar properties.


Extraordinary Price Gaps

Residing in Carlsbad though, it was hard to ignore that price gaps between seemingly similar estates in San Diego and Los Angeles were nothing short of extraordinary – a sprawling $6M Rancho Santa Fe retreat could quickly skyrocket beyond recognition at an astronomical $32M sale-price tag in Beverly Hills.

Whenever I asked LA agents if their high-end clients expressed interest in prestigious neighborhoods such as La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego, the answer most of them gave me was disheartening – a clear ‘no’.

“San Diego may have its charms but, as they’d say, it’s all about Los Angeles. The City of Angels is where the real action takes place!”

James Harris from Million Dollar Listing joins Jeff Toth to compare Rancho Santa Fe and Beverly Hills home values.


Present Day

Fast forward to 2022 – could San Diego be providing an alternate version of The California Dream? According to this recent LA Times article, the answer may be yes. 

The LA Times article based on a report published by Redfin uncovered that while some weigh different options outside California altogether – such as Las Vegas, Texas or Idaho, an impressive “net inflow” of nearly 6,800 homebuyers from L.A. had their sights on San Diego. 

Combined statistical areas with at least 500 users searching to and from the region in Q3 2022 compiled by Redfin

With our sunny weather and level headed approach to crime & safety issues, San Diego appears to be emerging as an attractive alternative for wealthy Angelenos seeking out new opportunities.

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